The more you swipe, the more we give back

What is the Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme?

The Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards programme, rewards you every time you spend* on your linked Nedbank Greenbacks Credit or Cheque Card.

How does it work?

As a Nedbank Greenbacks member, you can earn Nedbank Greenbacks on all your eligible* card spend, which you can then use to redeem for a variety of exciting rewards. And if you use your American Express® Credit or Cheque Card, you can earn your Nedbank Greenbacks in half the time.

To spend your points you can choose from flights on one of our airline partners, weekends away, electronic gadgets, shopping vouchers, cash on a prepaid card, car rental, donations to charity, investments in Nedgroup Investments unit trusts - and much more.

What are the benefits?

  • Spend your Greenbacks 24/7 on the online mall
  • Find out at any time how many Greenbacks points you have
  • Points never expire, as long as you keep using your card
  • Transfer your Greenbacks to another Greenbacks member (friend or family) for free

What does it cost?

The Greenbacks Rewards Programme monthly linkage fee of R17 is charged in arrears.The good news is that you can link up to ten credit or cheque cards to your account at no additional fee, and you will earn Greenbacks rewards on the accumulated spend on all your cards.

If you do not spend on your Nedbank card for a period of five months, your Nedbank Greenbacks account will be considered dormant and you will lose all your Nedbank Greenbacks. For a period of three months after that you may apply to reopen your Nedbank Greenbacks account, in which case we will reinstate your forfeited Greenbacks in full.
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* Eligible spend means all spend, excluding cash withdrawals, casino chip purchases, fuel purchases, finance or other card charges, fees or taxes levied by
  us or the government, purchases of travellers cheques or other negotiable instruments, garage card transactions, budget account instalments and interest   thereon, insurance premiums and internet transfers or payments from your account.